Expected results

  • Development of an urban planning tool that simulates territorial transformation scenarios and calculates the effects of soil consumption/sealing in terms of reduction of provided ecosystem services;
  • Creation of a simulator based on the latest scientific knowledge on soil-provided ecosystem services and their economic value;
  • Measurement of the environmental effects of soil sealing on the 27 territorial units of the Province of Turin and on local case studies in the same province;
  • Assessment of cost and benefits (both in environmental and economic terms) of planning policies and land-use choices that aim to reduce soil sealing and preserve the associated ecosystems functions and services;
  • Definition of actions to limit soil sealing in the four municipalities;
  • Drafting of a municipal land-use plan incorporating urbanisation models but minimising soil sealing and preserve the ecosystem services provided by soils;
  • Maintenance and increase of ecosystem functions provided by the soil to the local communities in the project areas;
  • Reduced public expenditure thanks to restoration of lost environmental benefits provided by soils and correct land management;
  • Guidelines on urban planning models and best practices to preserve the ecological functions of soil; and
  • Increased awareness of the importance of soil functions.

The project…